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Agora Platform for Vacation Rentals:
Agora is a suite of products cater to various needs of Vacation rentals. A tool set for data integration, property listing and booking of properties, data analytics, Reporting and visualization. Routing the property details and its booking to and from PMS. Big data analytics and Template based views/reports.
Agora Product Components:
A standalone web application for Channel Management. This will help to sync the PMS data to various channels/sites. This application provides daily and weekly feeds through RESTful services.
A PMS software that can manage property info from your desk. It will auto push your changed offline booking and availability or price info to various sites that are subscribed through the channel manager (N-Channels).
Big Data Analytical Engine, Data processing and Analysis. Hadoop and Spark based data processing engine that works for loading your jobs deployed in the job repository and process it over Spark. There after these data loaded to HBase tables for parallel processing using Spark jobs.
Explore data, Template based reporting engine and visualization. A data visualization engine that is capable of pulling data from underlaying data store such as SQL or NoSQL. You can design your own template to connect to these pulled queries to display visually applealed.
Compare Rates and Availabilities, Define your property location to get alerts after market comparision. A generic tool which can pull the property information scriping from other online sites and compare their prices and availability info daily or on scheduled frequencies.
Booking Engine, List your properties for booking and payment. A mashup based portal which can configure widgets to pull data from centrally hosted channel managers. You can prefetch-and cash data to your data base such as availability, price and other property amenities.