Building Quality Software applying ready made solutions faster and cheaper.
Migrate your solutions backing Big Data, AI, Data Science, Mobility and IoT:
We help you to build or migrate software solutions with industry 4.0 technologies. Bring more value add to your customers liveraging AI, Big Data and Data Sciece features
Our Services:
Data Science Solutions:
We can build data science solutions for your business. Manage data driven decisions and appealing visualisations. You will make more sense of data consulting our data processing and algorithms practices.
Big Data Analytics:
Engineering solutions to process high volume, high speed, unstructured data. Hadoop, Spark, Flink, Storm, Kafka based solutions for streaming and processing at real-time or in batches. You will get your data insights on time.
We help to build or migrate your IoT solutions more data driven. Quick and cheap solutions using Edge computing Analytics on Raspberry devices.
Our consultants are expers in helping business to adopt AI based solutions. Apply Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Reinforcement Learning and Generative Adversal Network to build Solutions. Python and Djago based front end.
Angular, ReactJS and NodeJS:
Robust UI for enterprise applications, highly maintainable and easy to manage. We have expertise in building robust and simple user experiences. Quick and fast UI for web applications. React Native for Hibrid mobile apps. Powerful server side technology with NodeJS and MicroServices.
Java, Spring and MongoDB:
Microservices Architecture for enterprise applications using Java, Spring and MongoDB skills. Our developers are highly experienced in Java Full Stack.